“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But Theatre will make you good”

― Terrence Mann

Kumu Kahua Theatre was founded on the notion of playwright development, focused on this place and her people.  Though script artistry is our core, we continue to offer classes for the development of theatrical artists of many ilk.


Acting Masterclass and Stage Combat Basics

 Playwriting Workshop II – Revising That Draft


Audition Workshop – Koi, Like the Fish

Writers’ Workshop with Playwright Susan Soon He Stanton

Audition Workshop – Flowers of Hawai’i

Summer 2013 Playwriting Class

The “Cold Reading” Audition 

Playwrights’ 1-day workshop

Young playwrights’ one-day intensive at Kumu Kahua Theatre!

All the training in the world only goes so far if an actor doesn’t get the job.  We can help!  Audition Monologue Workshop.

In August, 2012, in partnership with Interisland Terminal, Kumu Kahua brought you the New Voices Collaborative Writing Master Class with Lisa Formosa-Parmigaino.

We offer script-writing classes each summer.  Please click here for complete information on 2012 summer class with Tammy Haili‘ōpua Baker.