Dark Nights

In the theatrical vernacular, a “dark night” is any night during which there is not a live show in the theater.  At Kumu Kahua, we take significant advantage of this respite from our season to offer our artists and audiences a little something different.

Kumu Kahua Theatre’s Dark Night Series was created to offer other theatre groups, playwrights, and performance artists the opportunity to present their work to the community.  This series is presented only during dark nights, evenings when Kumu Kahua’s regular season shows are not being performed.  To be part of the Dark Night Series artists must submit a proposal, which is reviewed by the Board of Directors of Kumu Kahua.  From these proposals, projects are chosen that Kumu Kahua feels will promote the development of the theatrical arts and benefit local artists.  Kumu Kahua sees this as another way to enhance and enrich the cultural diversity and artistic climate of Honolulu.

Recent Dark Nights

Interested in bringing your work here?  Check out our information page,  contact us and tell us what you’ve got in mind.